Clearance! 14k Gold Plated Birthstone Crystal Petite Puffed Heart Charm Pendant Necklace

  • 14K GOLD PLATED PENDANDT CHARM NECKLACE FOR GIRLS, These crystal birthstone color pendant heart necklaces are perfect for big girls, little girls, tweens, and toddlers. Choose from: PINK, TEAL, PURPLE, LAVENDER, WHITE and RED.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: Each necklace comes with an adjustable extender chain. At A Touch of Dazzle we stand for comfort and safety.
  • LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT - BEAUTIFULLY BOXED? Whether as a gift for her birthday, a holiday or just because, this necklace will steal her heart. Make sure to look for the matching earrings and bracelet!
  • TESTED FOR COMPLETE SAFETY. As mothers ourselves, we think it's essential to make certain all of our children's jewelry is completely safe. Each of our children's jewelry designs goes through extensive product safety testing, including testing for lead, nickel, and cadmium. We wouldn't want our own daughters or nieces to wear jewelry with harmful components, so we won't design children's jewelry with any of them either. A Touch of Dazzle jewelry is beautiful, comfortable and safe.
  • DAZZLE YOUR FAVORITE GIRL WITH JEWELRY SO PRETTY SHE WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP SMILING! Jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Shop the collection and find that special keepsake.

Young Girls Jewelry for the Fashion Statement Girl! Small Heart Pendants. 14K Gold Chain

Trendy and adorable dangling sparkling pave crystal heart pendant necklace gorgeous crystal. Adjustable extender, for comfort fit. Its got glitz and bling, and a delicacy all wrapped up in one beautful package. A Touch of Dazzle brings you quality, affordable jewelry at a fantastic price. A Touch of Dazzle: The Trend, The Style... Oh, the Price!

A Touch of Dazzle provides high quality gold plated jewelry at very affordable prices. Gold plating is the technique of placing a layer of gold onto the surface of another metal like copper, brass and silver and using electro-chemical or chemical process. The length of time that gold plated jewelry lasts depends on how often the wearer uses it and the pieces exposure to different elements, how its taken cared of, how thick the plating is and your skins pH. Gold plated jewelry has a finite lifespan, but to maximize the length of the beauty of your jewelry follow these guidelines:

Wear it with care. Avoid bumping or scratching your jewelry on hard or any rough surfaces.

Remove all gold-plated jewelry before bathing, applying lotion, make-up, hairspray and perfume. Soap and lotion can cause a film residue to form, making it appear dull and dingy. Household cleansers, swimming pools, hot tubs and any other contact with harsh chemicals will reduce the luster and can permanently damage your gold-plated jewelry over time.

To clean gold plated jewelry, use a soft cotton cloth and warm water, useing a mild soap. Rinse completely. Buffing your gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth to shine. Do not use a jewelry cloth meant for other metals, they can be abrasive and wear off the finish.

Store your gold-plated jewelry in velvet, satin or any soft fabric-lined jewelry box.

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