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Serenity Prayer Gifts, Positive Affirmations for Self Healing- Gift Boxed Card and Serenity Prayer Necklace

  • Prime quality stainless steel and glass floating locket necklace, 22 inch chain with 2 inch extender
  • Genuine quality lockets manufactured to the highest standards for long lasting enjoyment
  • Artist designed greeting card and 12 step prayer card gift boxed together with the floating charm locket
  • Locket includes exclusively designed custom plate, charms, and birthstone color crystals presented in a beautiful gift box

Serenity Prayer Gifts, Positive Affirmations for Self Healing- Gift Boxed Jewelry and Card

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference

The word serenity can mean being in a state of tranquility. It is like the calm after a storm in which there was no more wind and no more storms. It is like a state of peacefulness, stillness, or quietness. The purpose of this prayer was to bring a person into a state of peace amidst the storms of life and to have the wisdom to accept those things that were unchangeable and to know which things a believer could change and to know the difference between the two.

What is the secret behind the Serenity Prayer's power? The language is humble and its lessons. But its messages are both personal and universal.

This Serenity Prayer locket is a fabulous floating living lockets that are all the rage and trend are here ready made for you! An incredible deal, high quality stainless steel jewelry, made to last. This is a perfect way to start on the road to collecting floating locket charm necklaces. At a fraction of the cost of buying the floating charms separately, A Touch of Dazzle brings you the incredible deal of an all inclusive package of locket, charms, crystals and rolo ball chain, gift boxed with a greeting card and ready to go!

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