How to Celebrate National Jewel Day- 5 Fun Ways

March 04, 2016

This Sunday, March 13th is the international holiday that features our specialty, JEWELS! Whatever your favorite is- birthstones, diamonds, or costume jewelry, we know you love jewels. So here are 5 great ways to celebrate a DIY Jewel Day.  

1. Treat Yourself!

Buy a new piece of jewelry (of course!). Check out our selection of lockets, womens, and girls jewelry. Give the gift of joy and love the smile in return. The best way to love your loved ones is to give them jewelry of course!

2. Be Royal!

Check out Kate Middleton's Iconic Jewelry Fashion- Kate Middleton's Jewelry. The Duchess of Cambridge owns three pairs of Kiki McDonough Classic cushion drop earrings. She debuted the first pair during an appearance in March 2013 to the Cheltenham Festival. They feature a vibrant cushion cut citrine stone set in 18ct yellow gold.

3. Protect Your Gems...

Learn how to protect your jewelry- DIY Jewelry Protection Ideas. You know that really cute faux gold bracelet that you love to wear? Sure, it's shiny and pretty now that it's fresh out of the package. But once you give it a little too much love, it might start to turn green on you. Before long, it starts to tarnish... the gold chips away, and there's no turning back.

4. Friends are the best!

Get together with your friends and make your own jewelry. Learn how to make tons of DIY jewelry designs here. From Running with Sister's blog: "We love the look of rustic leather mixed with elegant lace, so we made these Boho Chic Bracelets. We got our bands at the craft store, but we have also made these with old leather belts from Goodwill!"

5. The History of the Trend:

Statement Jewelry You’re all dressed up and on your way out when you glance in the mirror and realize... something is missing. The outfit is flawless and the shoes are perfect, and then you spot it: A gorgeous bib necklace will make you look even better in that dress!

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