St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Topper - Free Printable

March 10, 2016

St. Patricks Day is coming up and instead of giving pinches this year, why don't you give out yummy treats instead to the kids, their friends, your friends, and coworkers. It is super easy and will just take minutes with this free bag topper printable.

All you will need are some zip-lock bags, goodies to fill the bag (yummy ones :), cardstock, a printer, and a stapler.

You start by printing out the bag topper which is at this link HERE! 

You’ll want to print on cardstock so the label is nice and stiff and won’t rip off your baggies. 

Next, fill your baggies with whatever treats you would like. You could use green or rainbow colored candies, or you could go healthy with a snack like green grapes, dry cereal, nuts, or whatever else would be a good fit for your recipients!

Finally, cut out your tags, fold them in half, and then staple on the side of each baggie up by the zipper to secure them in place. I used snack sized baggies and folded the ends in to make it slightly smaller so they were a great size for gifting!

Click Here to downlaod a copy of the St. Patricks day snack bag!

Just print or save a copy for your own personal use. Each sheet can print 4 goody bag toppers on a single page! Want to share this freebie with a friend? Just use the share buttons below or direct them back to this post where they can download their own free copy of the printable!



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