10 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts in 5 Minutes or less

May 18, 2016

It's almost that time of the year

The weather is warming up, the children are playing outside more and more each day. And, our kids fabulous teachers, who have put in a long year of love and nurturing deserve a hearty thank you.

We've put together some ideas for do-it-yourself gifts that you can make with your children to show your gratitude for another year of growth and knowledge.

Mason Jar Apple Pencil Holder

This easy to make pencil holder, painted with matte chalk paint and made to look like an apple is sure to delight your child's very special teacher. A few simple supplies is all that you will need to paint this with your child. Wrap it up and fill it with pencils, write a card and you are good to go!

Take a CHILL PILL Candy Jar

It's been a long year and our kids teacher's may just have reached a point that a bit of sugar or chocolate is well deserved. This is a simple and fun little project and all you need is our free printable label: CLICK HERE, a mason jar and some candy. Its as simple as that!

Teacher Survival Kit

It doesn't get easier than this and who better deserves a survival kit than those who survived our little darlings this year? Truly, this is a very practical, simple to put together and much appreciated gift. Click Here for your complete supply list and printable.

You've Been the Highlight of My Year!

This is a breeze to put together, along with free printable label courtesy of love-the-day.com. Every teacher needs supplies, and you can just make her year so much easier!

Click Here for the supply list and free printable

Thanks for "Quenching" My Knowledge!

Easy, breezy. Buy a couple of cups with straws, fill with packets of lemonade powder. Who better than a teacher knows that when your day gives you lemons (not your kids of course!), make lemonade. Free printable flag labels courtesy of lisastorms.com. You can find them here.

Thank you for helping me grow :)

A beautiful plant, most especially succulents which are easy to care for and are very hardy, is a very thoughtful gift. It not only beautifies your child's teacher's desk, but gives her a teaching opportunity as well. There is so much to learn from nature and who better than an incredible teacher to give it all to your kids. Complete instructions and printable here.

Have a Toe-riffic Summer!

It's been a long year and it is time for a spectacular send off. Teachers truly deserve their summer off. A time to rest, spend time with their own families and of course treat themselves to some TLC. Put together this pedi-kit for a little package of smiles and thank you!

Mani-Thanks for an Awesome School Year!

Lazy days on the beach, let's hope your child's teacher has some time for that as well. Maybe she'd like to relax with a manicure, so put together some pampering items. They don't have to be large or expensive. A gentle natural hand cream would be much appreciated as well as a quality nail polish in a cool summer color. Supplies and Label Here.

Thanks for helping me grow - Lip Balm Card

This is so simple. Just buy an EOS lip balm and hot glue gun it to the center of the flower on these cards. Make sure to print out the cards on cardstock so they can hold the lip balm. This is simple, to the point and a wonderful gift.

Crayon Candy Dish

This is a bit more work but ohh, so cute! You only need a few simple supplies, and do a bit of gluing. Your child's teacher will be absolutely thrilled. What a special gift. Try it, we've put the full instructions on the blog post here.

This was a fantastic roundup of ideas. Surely, you've found something to make for the teachers in your children's lives. For that extra special one, we've got some fabulous teacher appreciation gifts here at  A Touch of Dazzle. Just check out the Teacher Appreciation Collection.

Until next time!



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