19 Fashion Hacks You need to know

March 09, 2017

Want to know the easiest ways to look amazing?

You will love the fantastic fashion hacks - 19 fabulous tips, so that you will look and feel fantastic everyday. From how to make your new shirt feel soft and lived in, to a spectacular shine to your jewelry, from Kallie at "But First Coffee"

We all know there are easy and hard ways to get dressed in the morning, let's find out some simple ways to make your life easier and prettier!

  • How to keep that loose fitting top from flowing away?
  • Do you know what windex and vodka are good for?
  • What do your hangers tell you?
  • and more...

She has a quirky and fun way of keeping us up to date on all the latest - enjoy!

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  • Removing deodorant smudges
  • The Perfect Cuff
  • and so much more!

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