The Locket's Rise to Fame: A Royal Story

January 27, 2016

Queen Elizabeth 1 Locket RingAlthough Queen Elizabeth I was always adorned with jewelry, and particularly rings, there is one that especially stood out. It was called 'The Chequers Ring'. She was particularly charismatic, and when she spoke in front of crowds she would slowly remove her gloves and reveal her plethora of hand adornments. One of them always arose an air of mystery about it, yet it was never shown publicly until the final removal of it from her finger after her death in 1603. That was when the secrets of this gold and ruby creation were revealed.

This one of a kind piece was revealed to be a locket featuring pictures of two women, herself and her mother. Her mother was the legendary Ann Boleyn who was cruelly sentenced at the behest of her husband, to death. This locket had an engraved picture of her facing one of her daughters. This locket was Queen Elizabeth's special reminder of her mother that she wore always.

We here at A Touch of Dazzle endeavor to create a similar model for you. In our lockets we also carve remembrances of your own wonderful mother. Our touching phrases include "The best thing about having you as a mom is my kids having you as a grandma" and "what mom knows best grandma knows better" and of course: "If I didn't have you as my mom, I'd choose you as a friend". So, take after the royal tradition and purchase your own permanent reminder of your mother.

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