Is your sister your best friend?

October 05, 2016 1 Comment

Sisters Aunts Niece and Daughter Gifts - express your love with a floating locket message

I never had a sister. I could be sad about that, but I'm not. I have a sister-in-law whom I love like a sister, and a best friend who is as close as a sister. But, really the reason I'm not sad about that is because I have five daughters! We are oozing with sisterhood in our family.

Okay, during the frenzy of teenage years when way too many of them were teenagers at the same time with not enough clothes to go around, ever, even though I did laundry and shopping so much I could do it in my sleep (and I probably did) I could not have said this. But now, when I see how they rely on each other's opinions, seek each other out, spend time with each other as couples, love each other's children like their own, now is when I see the oozing love. I get to vicariously enjoy the bounty of sisterhood through my daughters, as I am the center around which they all spin.

My love of sisterhood and all that comes with it: mothers, daughters, sister, aunts and nieces, is what inspired my new line of lockets. Our exclusively designed message plates for our floating locket collection will be your favorite necklace always. You will give it to your buddy, you friend, the one whom you rely on in the darkest and lightest of days, and you will both smile.

Take a look around, and see our gems, we put together a collection to touch your hearts. Start your holiday shopping now and you will have the perfect gift.

Sisters Aunts Niece and Daughter Gifts - express your love with a floating locket message

Who will you give this to? Please comment below, let me know about your sister, aunt, niece or daughter. Share with me why you would love to give this to, I'd love to hear from you!

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Kaye Mangin
Kaye Mangin

October 06, 2016

You know Goldie I just love you,You’ve made this lovely line of jewelry and each one is special to each person.I have the “Grandma Knows Better” necklace. Every one always says how pretty it is. I always tell them about you. Thanks for this great story about your girls. You are very lucky. Sincerely, Kaye Mangin

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