What Is A Touch of Dazzle?

I’m Goldie Silberberg – daughter, niece, sister, wife, and mom to 5 amazing daughters.
I’m also a passionate jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and artist.

What kind of artist? You name it! I have 20+ years’ professional experience investing my creative energy in painting, photography, and graphic design.

There’s nothing I appreciate more than making others happy. Most of all, I love the happiness that is created by giving beautiful things.

That’s what led me to launch A Touch of Dazzle in 2012.

It is a joy to design unique, beautiful, high-quality (and affordable!) fashion jewelry that captures the special moments of happiness in our lives.

Since then, my company has grown into a close-knit group of women who know what it means to give from the heart.
When you choose the perfect gift, you’re giving more than jewelry … you’re deepening a relationship that you treasure.

A Touch Of Dazzle is about taking something intangible and making it concrete – solidifying the most meaningful connections in your life. It’s about giving a little reminder of that relationship -- a beautiful, dazzling keepsake that ignites a smile each time it’s worn.

I am touched that my designs are worn by tens of thousands of women and girls across the country. I’d love to connect with you, so don’t be shy - feel free to get in touch with me right here.