Painting and drawing, that is where it all began...

I love pretty, fun and colorful. I surround myself with the colors that set my mood… yes, it took me weeks and slabs of paint and watching the sun reflecting on the walls to find that perfect shade of green paint for my most relaxing room. How does this connect to jewelry?

It can be a painting on a wall, the painting of the wall or the adorable earrings on a little girl. It doesn’t matter exactly what the end product is, I just care that it brings a little happiness to the world. Color, shine, the tinkle of bangles on a wrist. Brightly painted bracelets with dangling charms bringing a smile to a child. A treasure chest of charms worn in a locket with custom designed quotes and drawings… these are the art I create today.

Moving from over twenty years as a fine artist to jewelry design seemed so natural. Its all about bringing beauty to the world, it doesn’t matter if it is worn by a wall or a person. Of course, as the mother of five beautiful daughters I have a special place in my heart for girls and their pretty things.

The creation of A Touch of Dazzle has been an incredible journey. Our company has grown, and my creativity with it. I love bringing pretty things to pretty people, it’s a very simple concept. I love the design, the colors, the shape and feel of the jewelry.

We work hard to make sure that not only is each item we make beautiful and fun, but also well made and affordable. Enjoy our jewelry and bring a little touch of dazzle into your life.